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PhilosophyForest Schools origins are based in Scandinavia where children learn about the natural world in a natural outdoor environment. The idea of Forest Schools came about due to a lack of class room space in 1950’s when children were taught outside. By the 1980’s Forest School became part of every child’s Early Years’ experience. Through playing in a natural environment children learn self-confidence, self-esteem and gain skills. They learn how to handle risk and use their own initiative to problem solve. Children begin to share with others, co-operate with others and achieve their own goals. Forest School is a year round, all weather programmes that uses local woodland on a regular basis in order for children to learn and be motivated.

Brambles Forest SchoolsForest School is an ethos, a learning style, where children and young people gain confidence and self-belief with in a natural outdoor environment. It is an educational approach to learning in the outdoors. They learn about themselves, their environment and nature. Forest School gives children and young people the ability to achieve self-set goals in safe and stimulating natural locations. By attending Forest School sessions over a term they begin to grow in self-esteem, in confidence and are great for teamwork. Children and young people develop skills over time that will help with their all-round development and education.

At Brambles we see everyone as an individual who learns and grows differently. Our approach is unique as we tailor every session to meet the needs of individuals enabling them to achieve their own goals through trust and knowledge of the outdoor environment they are in. And the best thing about being outside is that you see firsthand the changing seasons, new growth, the change in shape, colour and texture.

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